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The Soka Gakkai Malaysia (SGM) e-Contribution website is an online platform for SGM members to make monetary contributions in an easy and accessible manner. We deeply appreciate your sincere support for SGM.  Your monetary contribution will be administered and used for the purpose of advancing worldwide kosen-rufu and the achievement of the aims and objectives of Soka Gakkai Malaysia.

The Significance of Making Monetary Contributions in Buddhism

In many of the letters he wrote to his believers, Nichiren Daishonin began by expressing his gratitude for their sincere offerings. He praises them for their support of his endeavours to share the humanistic teachings of Buddhism. SGM is an organisation that promotes Nichiren Buddhism; as such, making sincere contributions to support SGM is profoundly significant and important. Your contributions support SGM’s activities and efforts to share the values and practice of Nichiren Buddhism. Making financial contributions is a cause to help to lay the foundation for a more peaceful world while increasing each contributor's own happiness and good fortune.

As Nichiren writes:


Still greater are the benefits arising from ten or twenty contributions, or from five years, ten years, or a lifetime of contributions. They are even beyond the measure of the Buddha's wisdom...When one encounters this sutra, one will overflow with happiness and shed tears of joy. It seems impossible to repay one's debt to Shakyamuni. But by your frequent offerings to me deep in this mountain you will repay the merciful kindness of both the Lotus Sutra and Shakyamuni Buddha.
(WND-1, pg 1026–27)


Since your unlined robe has been offered to the Buddhas of the 69,384 characters that make up the Lotus Sutra, it is 69,384 robes. And since every one of these 69,384 Buddhas is made up of the 69,384 sutra characters, it is as though you had offered that many robes to each of them…Though only one robe, it has been offered to the Buddhas of all the characters of the Lotus Sutra.


Be firmly convinced that the benefits from this will extend to your parents, your grandparents, nay, even to countless living beings, not to mention your own husband, whom you hold most dear.
(WND-1, pg 533)


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