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Contributions in Buddhism

Frequently-asked Questions (FAQ)

1.    Who can make contributions via SGM e-Contribution website?

Members of SGM whose relevant personal data are already available in SGM Members Database System can make their contributions using the SGM e-Contribution website.

2.    If I am not a member of SGM, can I still contribute to SGM?

Yes. You may contact the nearest SGM culture centres for information on how you may contribute.

3.    I am an SGM member, but the e-Contribution website does not allow me to enter, and displays ("Invalid Information"). What should I do?

There are two possible reasons:
a.    You have keyed in an incorrect Name or NRIC number. Please ensure the information is correct.
b.    Your membership information is incorrect or incomplete or has not been updated in our system. Please contact the nearest SGM culture centres for assistance.

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Contributions in Buddhism


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